Why, hello there. My name’s Alex and it’s lovely to meet you.

Residing in gorgeous Sydney, I am an avid brunch-eater, market-goer and whisky sour-drinker who sometimes gets a bit over-excited on Instagram. I specialise in randomness, over-thinking and cake-mixture-bowl-licking. I’m actually really good at those things. Also of note: hugs are one of my favourite things. Like, ever.

Something that I learnt at school was to write about what you know. Evidently I don’t know that much yet, seeing as I write about my own life (or more specifically, failing at it) and its many misadventures. Maybe one day I’ll have learnt some more stuff… but until then I can generally be found sipping lattes at uni, eating pad see ew with my friends, drinking tea whilst working in marketing, sleeping, discovering new bars or dreaming about moving to New York in a few years time.

Alex x

PS you can find me pinning pretty things here, tweeting random stuff here or getting filter happy here.

Christopher & Bleeker

Disclaimer: This blog does not bear any semblance of chronology. Quite often I write about things well after they’ve happened. Just something to keep in mind.

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