Month: October 2014

relationship status update.


So, there’s something which has been on my mind for a few months that I’ve been wanting to share with you all.

In all honesty, I’m not really sure where to start. It began so many years ago and I was entirely unaware of it growing that when it fully blossomed it took me completely by surprise. What began out as mild disgust has since developed into a passionate pledge of sorts.

I never thought I would be this person, but here I am, ready to make it known to the world.

Here goes nothing. Inhale, Alex. Inhale. Exhale.  (more…)

90s Rom Com Feminism Fails: My Best Friend’s Wedding

“My Best Friend’s Wedding”, starring Julia Roberts and co-starring Big Hair, Brick Phone and Lilac Satin.

I have always – ALWAYS – been a sucker for anything even vaguely romantic – and rom coms (romantic comedies, for the uninitiated) are my ultimate not-so-secret, not-feeling-even-mildly-guilty pleasure. God, I love them.

However, in recent years it has occurred to me that equality between men and women is something I really care about, dang it. I realised that I’m actually rather passionate about things like being paid the same amount for the same work – not more or less because of your sex. I realised that I’m rather passionate about people not being restricted or defined by society’s ideas and traditions of sex, sexuality, gender, love, marriage, happiness and fulfillment. And then I remembered that I was also rather passionate about 90s rom coms… (more…)