Month: August 2014

another type of beautiful.

What does beauty mean to you? Can you look in a mirror to find it? Chris Grosso explores the meaning of ‪#‎beauty‬ with Hay House author Pam Grout today on the Where Is My Guru show and I will be exploring one of my favorite topics - ‪#‎EnergyMedicine‬ with Melaney Ryan, founder of the Australian Stillpoint Institute --->

“T’es belle,” he whispered.

You’re beautiful.

And he kept on repeating it. Over and over.

You’re beautiful.


versus head versus heart.


Three little words.

Three little words with the maddening power to make my rib cage expand to bursting point.

Three little words that have been ricocheting between my thoughts for days. But now the days have melted into weeks and, to my horror, months.

These words have been haunting me for months; they’ve been with me as I’ve stood waiting for the lights, climbed the escalator and strolled the grocery aisles. They have invaded my existence.

I don’t know.


a step into the unknown.

Scene from “Duck Soup” (1933).

Confessional: despite the fact that I blog about my love life, I actually have very little relationship experience.

Yeah, ironic, I know. Or perhaps that’s doesn’t come as a surprise at all… (Hmm. Let’s not dwell on that, ok?) Also, please do not use my blog as relationship advice. That would be a very bad idea.