I have 34 days to finish my 2013 Bucket List.

(That’s due to the fact that in 34 days time it’ll be 2014. Originally I calculated it to be 65 days (4 days in October + 30 days in November + 31 days in December), but then I realised that we’re already in November. I am slightly concerned for my brain – particularly seeing as I only recently got used to writing the date as ‘2013’. See why I said I was concerned?

I’m not sure whether you’re anything like me, but at the start of nearly every New Year I go on a self-improvement crusade which manifests in a New Year’s Resolutions list which I invariably forget about and achieve little to none of.

I think my most ambitious and long-lasting resolution to date has been to do the splits.Which, for the record, I am still nowhere near. This could be due to the fact that I haven’t ever really practiced. It was stuck on the resolution list from 2000-2005. Anyway. Most of my other resolutions were basically variations of ‘Be a nicer person, Alex! Be nicer, for crying out loud!’.

b171bac22ed849842992f065cbae2927aka what my 1st of January looked like every year (of resolution-making) up until 2013.

So, at the beginning of this year I decided I would take a different tack. Enter: the annual Bucket List. I want to experience a whole range of amazing, crazy things throughout my life and I don’t want to keep them till my latter years to do. So, the idea behind the annual bucket list is to help me to do interesting, positive, beneficial, fun things throughout my life. Whether they’re big or really insignificant things it’s basically just a way of ensuring that I regularly do these things which are important to me, rather than just talking about them.

Also, I blu-tacked it next to my bedroom door which is convenient as it means that I inadvertently glance at it every day which reminds me of its existence. This is also an advantage because it has meant that the list didn’t get lost in my bedroom debris piles by the start of February. Handy stuff.

Are you going to get onto the actual list anytime soon, lady?! Gee. Calm your farm.

Yeah… so, about that… my 2013 Bucket List ended up having 22 items on it (which, yes, is also coincidentally the same number of years that I’ve been alive) and I’ve done a grand total of FOUR of those items.

Yeah, that was an awkward anti-climax, wasn’t it? 

So, basically you’re trying to say that this only a millimetre better than having written a list of New Years Resolutions which you then forget about? Uhh… Yes.

Except, my amigo, I still have 34 days. No, I won’t realistically get through everything, but I can give it a shot, right?

1945fc8bdbd0fb03406752ac3c9b06eeI found this on Pinterest. Needless to say, that I really want a chalkboard for my Bucket List now.

Here’s what I’m going to be doing over the next 34 days:

  • Join a sailing club and go sailing with said sailing club (part of “Try two new things”. My other new thing was to do Latin dancing, which continues to be lots of fun).
  • Go to a life-drawing class (NB: as a drawer. I’ll save posing for another year.)
  • Have fish and chips at the beach for dinner.
  • Read eight more books from authors whom I haven’t read before. (I think this could be one of the more time-intensive ones. And no, I’m not letting picture books count this time round.)
  • Organise a picnic.
  • Host a dinner party.
  • Sew something.
  • Fix something.
  • Play Texas Holdem.
  • Have a water fight.
  • Go out for a drink by myself.
  • Eat an ice cream by the water with my little girl whom I nanny.

Things which I didn’t do this year that I’m putting on next year’s Bucket List:

  • Volunteer on a long-term/regular basis.
  • Write one awesome uni essay. (I am not going to finish my university career without doing this, dammit.)
  • Complete the Pub2Pub (or similar i.e. 14km). And run it. Why, oh, why did you specify running it?!
  • Raise some money for charity. (Already a WIP.)
  • Consciously and actively save up and pay for a holiday.

And there you go. If I tick of those things I’ll end up doing 16 of the 22 items which I think is a pretty good effort for me.

In the meantime, I guess I have some (fairly eclectic) things to fit in before New Years Eve, don’t I?

Wish me luck… (because although I love it, I haven’t played Texas Holdem in ages.)

Alex x

PS: If anyone who knows me In Real Life cares to join me for any of the above (well, apart from the ‘drinking alone’ one), you’re welcome to join.



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